Simplicity: The Art of Simplifying Complexity

Summary: People tend to complicate things because we like to think that complicated stuff will bring us additional value to our lives. Simplicity consists in simplifying complicated stuff by concentrating on the fundamental parts that bring us value and by making obvious those that are less important.

Key words: Simplicity, Good Habits. 

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1. Introduction.

You can recognize truth by its beauty and simplicity.

Richard Feynman

In these times in which we live in, consumerism and stress are part of our daily activities. We can't find an equilibrium between the physical and spiritual world. We take care of the absence of one by  imposing the other. This creates complexity in our lives which could be avoided if we gave things a greater thought and acted less.

Simplicity is something that only takes place if it becomes a habit. Simplicity is to take a complicated thing and separate it holistically into its principal components in order to use only those that generate value to the target problem.


"We need to know the weight of a cat."

There are several solutions to this question but the solution of the person who wants to keep things simple would be the following:

"We hold the cat in our arms, we get on the scale and we subtract our own weight to the sum."

It is simple and elegant.

2. Simplicity Characteristics.

To explore the characteristics of simplicity let's think of Google, the search engine. Something so complex (mathematical algorithms, programming, server farms) has such a simple display for the user to use only one button and a textbox. Impressive, right?

·                     Elegant.
·                     Reduced.
·                     Holistic.
·                     Intelligible.

These are the four characteristics that I think are essential for simple things.

3. To simplify.

The art of simplifying is something ironically complex when it hasn't become a habit. But I believe that by following these four steps it is possible to start living along the simple part of things.

·                     Step 1. Research. You must know everything about the thing you are trying to simplify.

·                     Step 2. Reduce. You must reduce holistically everything all the way to their essence.

·                     Step 3. Order. You must order everything in an elegant and intelligible way for everyone else.

·                     Step 4. Presentation. You must present things in a such a simple way that even your grandmother can have an idea of what you            are talking about.

4. References.

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I hope you enjoyed this article. Hope to see your comments and feedback.