Creativity is a matter of an attitude

Intelligence can be enough for a person to be creative a couple of times in their lives but it is not enough when trying to follow a creative life nor to maintain this creativity during a certain period of time.

To be open to experience is an essential factor which means to be ready internally to expand the limits of consciousness; in other words, to be curious about your surroundings and to take the first step towards exploring and getting to know more.

There are five types of openness:

First of all, openness to fantasy, referring to the willingness to enter the internal world and to allow the mind to travel freely; secondly, openness towards aesthetics, referring to deployment in senses and willingness to value diversity in artistic expressions; thirdly, openness to feelings, which translates to comprehension and acceptance of our own emotions; fourthly, openness to actions, which is expressed in new activities; and lastly, openness to ideas, which means intellectual curiosity and willingness to analyze the theory, ethics and values around it.

This concept is basically related to the readiness towards exploring, crossing frontiers, going beyond what is established, and breaking the familiar frame.

Another factor that helps towards being creative is being tolerant towards ambiguity. Many important problems cannot be solved quickly and thus, they represent a long process. During these cases, the person must go through some time of uncertainty and without a clear exit.

Creativity does not mean necessarily achievements. Normally, we talk about those stories that tell us about successful researches but we know little about those that did not achieve their end. Actually, several research papers prove that those who are more creative had to grow up overcoming several challenges and had to make significant decisions.

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