Workflow 2.0: Processing

It is time to process everything that we have compiled. I probably have many Things and now I need to convert them to Actions, Events or Meetings, and/or Contacts. If none of these categories apply, then it can be stored somewhere so that it can be found in the future [Stored or Organized in Projects]. In general terms this means the following:

 1. I ask myself: “Can I make it an action right now?” I’m talking about the things that I stored.

2. If the answer is YES, I organize it in Google Task (if it is an action), Google Calendar (if it is an event or meeting) or in Google Contacts (if it is a contact).

NOTE: In this step you can use the system you normally use (remember the milk, evernote, etc.)

If the answer is NO, I can start to store these things, correctly labeled, in folders, Evernote, notebooks, etc.

3. (Optional) I synchronize accordingly so that I can have this information in each one of my devices.

Well, this is all for now, see you next post. Namaste :)