Workflow 2.0: Doing

Finally DO. This is where we will spend most of our Time and Energy because this is where everything we have done before becomes real. As we already know, we only have “one Time” even though we divide it in several roles. Each human being has only one. Then, we must decide on which projects we will use it on. Sometimes it is better that we don’t carry out some of the tasks that seem pointless.
In this part I use a matrix that is useful as a Compass. I learned about this tool thanks to Stephen Covey’s book “First Things First”. This matrix is based on 4 states.
Quadrant 1 Important/ Urgent: This quadrant contains those tasks that must be solved under pressure due to bad planning or lack of vision.
Quadrant 2 Important / NOT Urgent: This quadrant includes tasks for auto-improvement, planning, and controlled execution. This is the quadrant we want to be in.
Quadrant 3 NOT Important/ Urgent: In this quadrant we can find the tasks that are important for others. It can be used as client support.
Quadrant 4 NOT Important / Not Urgent: These are the tasks that have no value in our lives.

The idea is to locate your list of tasks and activities in one of these quadrants and then try to focus on Quadrant 2.

See you next post. Namaste :)