Workflow 2.0: Collecting

Let’s go into the stage of compiling stuff. Things are all types of entities that we think should be stored because we will use them at some point for our projects: photos, recordings, thoughts, meetings, things-to-do, URL’s, mails, etc. The point of compiling is to allow the brain to be free in order to be able to think with it.


I’m a fan of Gmail and of its flexibility. Its constant improvements make things easier for me.

Basically, I use the nested labels and the Accounts and Imports configuration to centralize all my email accounts.

I have some top-level (or parent) labels which represent the topic: @Home @Office @Future. Inside each one of them I have a label for each project: @Home/Project 1 @Home/Project 2. This way my account is organized in a simple way.


When using it I have a system similar to the email one. I place each topic in a moleskine section as I do in this article. I organize the information in the topic that corresponds to a label that shows me the project it belongs to. It is really easy to use once you start using it.

Google Nexus.

With my cell phone I’m able to gather different types of information: photos, recordings, URL’s, Notes and tasks. I use Evernote for most of the notes I take.

I access each task directly in, and I update.

With the Google Drive app, I can easily look at my files through my mobile.

Mac Pro.

This is where the magic takes place. I process everything through Google Drive and I synchronize my other applications. All files are managed similarly.

Thank you for your attention and see you next post. Namaste =)