Many have asked themselves if a leader is born as one or he becomes one. The question we should ask ourselves is: Who is the leader?

Leadership just like productivity and creativity is a path we have to go through and not a destination we have to get to. A person doesn't study leadership because the objective is to "become a leader"; this is done because there's a message to be delivered and the means of communication is leadership. Whoever studies to become a leader just to lead and doesn't have a message to deliver, is not a good leader.

Leadership starts with internal communication. As we grow, we measure our potential as leaders, mainly in situations in which no one is observing us; only our conscience and us.

A leader doesn't need anyone that tells him what to do. This doesn't mean that he is perfect, but he has enough initiative to auto motivate himself and do what's necessary. He will take responsibility of the mistakes he might have made without blaming anyone else.

Besides, I want to make things clear. I leader has followers, and not the kind of followers found in social networks, who will support any crazy idea the leader comes up with. If a person doesn't have followers, that person is not a leader.

Until next post. Namaste :)