Four Steps to Simplify


Here's a game: Using the four steps to simplify, I'll give you some hints about something you use every day and you've never investigated how it works. At the end of the game, you have to know what I'm talking about.!
Let's get to work!

1 – Researching

You must perfectly know what you are trying to simplify

Two doctoral students in computer sciences of the Stanford University developed a search engine and achieved the internet search improvement. The search engine was the result of the doctoral thesis of one of them.

Algorithms families are assigned through Page Rank,  to the indexed web pages of the search engine, this with a series of relevant numbers. In other words, the more relevant web sites to the user search, will appear in the top results.

To become the search engine most popular worldwide, Larry Page y Sergey Brin had to first investigate the existent search engines at that time,  when the internet first begun.

Both entrepreneurs devoted their time to perfectly know the dynamic function of search engines. Thanks to that, they reached their own search engine simplifying the internet search process of  the user.

2 -Reduce

Things must be holistically reduced towards their essence

As we said before, a search engine is composed of three types of programs to work with.  However, the programs alone do not constitute the search engine as such. Indeed, other components are needed:
Graphic interface: Is the user-friendly window, observed when the search name, is typed in the browser. There, parameters are entered to look for the needed information
Server farms: Hundreds of computers (servers) with larger processing capacity, interconnected between each other. In which, tasks are distributed to guarantee the optimum performance and the increase of the faults tolerance. The system can still working, if one of these servers crashes.
To simplify the way something works, the thing must be understood as a series of interconnected elements.

3 - Arrange

Everything must be arranged to be intelligible for others

The search engine isn't the favorite just because of its simplicity, but also, for the way in which functions are arranged. I have observed how kids under 5 years old (when their parents let them for a while alone with the computer to go looking for something in the kitchen) are capable to use the search engine to see children´s videos. I have also seen people over ninety years old, using it to read news in internet.
The way the interface is arranged, allows that anyone without computer knowledge can use it.

4 - introduce

Anything must be introduced as simple as possible so that anyone can understand the discussed topic.

Apart from the known window and button, your products are easily identified according to their names. If I didn't know that, "........... Maps" is an application that allows the view of all kinds of cities on earth, even so,  I could deduce it from its simple name. The same applies to applications such as "......... Earth", "Calendar ................." "................ mail", etc..

From which known search engine are we talking about?

Until Next Post. Namaste :)