What is Synergy?

A system is an ensemble of elements that interact in some way, and that, seen from a broader perspective, look like a whole. Let’s take, for example, a human being; from our perspective, we look at another human as an element or a person. while if we look at it from a doctor’s perspective, a human being is an ensemble of systems (the Muscular system, Nervous system, Circulatory system, etc). It is thanks to this perspective that is it possible to make diagnosis.  

There are “entrance” and “exit” elements to every system. Normally, you enter an element that comes out transformed in another element. Going back to the human being example, food would be the “entrance” element, while the the feces would be the “exit” element.

A system has process and encapsulation. Normally, for the “entrance” elements in a system to become the “exit” elements there must go through a series of processes that we are not aware of, since they happen in an encapsulated form. This means that we only have to worry about the exit. In a person, we cannot see the digestive process, but we do know that it will happen, unless the body has some sort of malfunction.

Now that we are clear about the attributes of a system, we will explain that some of those systems have synergy. Synergy occurs when the exit elements in a system cannot be deduced by analysing their components in a way that I, for example, would better visualize it (1 + 1 > = 3). What this means is that the exit system is bigger than the sum of its parts.  

Let’s propose an example; If we have a pencil, paper, and a person. Separate, each one could generate an exit element, but nothing compare to what they could generate by working together. We could put together a person a paper and that person might make an origami, or we could put together a person and a pencil and the person could juggle the pencil; it would be a possibility. Now, if we unite the three elements (paper, pencil, and person), the end result could be an annotation (like a cellphone number, an address or a name), but it could also be something bigger; a drawing like the Mona Lisa, or a poem like one of Neruda’s, or even a literary masterpiece. That is the interesting thing about synergy, if it is in the system, the results may be bigger than expected.

Until next post. Namaste :)