How to use your iPod or iPhone in a more productive way

An iPod is one of the most revolutionary gadgets that I have seen in the last decade not only because we can easily access our music, or because it revolutionized the way we buy music online (an essential part), or because it offered an easy way to access podcasts; the iPod is a gadget that fits perfectly with audiobooks and it's a tool for personal training. As for me, it has become essential for my daily activities and I've got some ideas that can make your day more productive by using this tool.

Podcasts are your friend but don't overuse them. Thanks to iTunes Store, you can access podcasts on any topic you can think of. But, I don't recommend more than two podcasts since you'll waste a lot of time synchronizing your iPod or iPhone. I'm currently registered in a podcast to learn French and another one on yoga. This is more than enough per week even though they are updated every 8 to 15 days. You must have an iTunes Store account and if you don't want to add your credit card follow the next steps.

Get some good audiobooks. Audiobooks are a good option when you like to move around without carrying much. I can take many books with me by simply taking my iPod/iPhone. It is ideal for long trips in massive transport or to deal with long waiting hours due to traffic. If you already have some audiobooks I include a tutorial to convert the format to an appropriate one for iPod.

Train yourself. I love to jog. It is a great way to free yourself from tensions. The iPod is almost a cult object for those of us who have acquire the habit of using the tools that allow you to register your training. Playlists are a good way to motivate you when playing sports.

Well, see you on the next post. Namaste =)