The Right Side of the Brain

You need to be creative to be innovative is an essential requirement, business gurus say these skills are necessary for companies to survive in these competitive times . Look at this more in depth education is built on top form workers for the jobs that the industry generates, but the problem is that because jobs are often routine and repetitive migrate to where labor is very cheap ( China and India) then we must focus on jobs that we are not easily replaceable not it?

The right brain is the area responsible for using feelings, holistically oriented , governed by imagination, symbols and images present and future philosophy and religion , beliefs, findings , spatial perception . When we are young we usually passionate artistic activities because we are guided by the far right side , but what we lose as we move through the educational system , we begin to assess all parameters with logical and rational , the pressure starts to get good results in accessing good schools , universities and eventually a good job. We forget our tastes so playful and focus more on what methodical.

At present there are few companies that have in their culture ways to foster creativity and / or innovation . and this is why we continue to see that ideas such as the iPod , the iPad , Hulu , Twitter, Google Glass will still designed by the same companies and continue to create markets where others can not compete at the same level .

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