Do you want to know where you left your time?

Many times we end one day and we have the feeling that we have done absolutely nothing productive. But even so , we've been busy all the time . what happens ? we are becoming less productive ? Time goes faster? Perhaps the answer is that you spent that time in actions without quality.

The poor quality actions are those actions that consume time and energy to complete them but do not add value to our lives. They are actually very common and with the proliferation of social networks invitingly cozy . Consider the following:

Let's say that on a normal day , I get to the office and start with my usual coffee, check my calendar, make a few phone calls , access my computer Join my service instant messaging advantage I'm checking my mail, then three companions things begin to wonder which at the time are not important and they do not have to do with work , once I finish checking e I realize I should go to a meeting, and then have a light lunch to continue my day . After lunch , entrance to facebook to rest for a second, but I ended realize that several friends have added new photos then I start to browse them and post comments . After a while I realize it's late and I must fix a budget , then a little trouble , and I end budgets , then log into my account on to see some songs, but I'm lost in some comments and add to that reading life various artists. Then I realize it's a bit late, then try to accelerate the pace and finish earrings . But the time was consumed and then delegate some tasks and I check my schedule again to realize that I could have been more productive. Sounds familiar ?

What I mean by the above example, is that actions without quality are really very common in this new information society and perhaps we are doing more often than we think . Here are five tips which will help us to avoid them.

1. Focus. Do one task at a time , do not try to take shortcuts or multitasking , you can facilitate this only distract.

2. Make a survey every two hours. It is a good habit every certain amount of time to conduct a survey to find out if these actions procrastinating important things without quality .

3. Give a definite time to social networks and messaging services. Social networks and messaging services are the most common ways to lose valuable time , which is why very important to set time for review .

4. Question yourself. Question yourself whether you are performing these tasks are really providing value to your personal and working life. not better delegate ?

5. Restructuring and Improvement. Adjust your time. Increasingly polls . Question yourself more and more . Simplify , Simplify and Simplify.

See you in the next post. Namaste :)